Immofori 2010 GmbH,
Hamburg, and Servicing
Advisors, Frankfurt

Immofori AG is a leading provider of due diligence advisory services for real estate lending and corporate loan portfolios within the LOANCOS Group, both on the selling and buying side, and with an extensive track record. It offers the following services for non-performing property and real estate lending portfolios:

  • Transaction advice/due diligence
  • Servicing of NPL portfolios
  • Property marketing and estate agency activities
  • Refinancing brokering
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Immofori 2010 GmbH was acquired by DG HYP in 2009 with a view to benefiting from a professional platform of additional NPL portfolios following the financial crisis in 2008. As the market expectations failed to materialise, Servicing Advisors was acquired from Commerzbank in September 2012 as a valuable and strategic addition, and the entire Group was repositioned. The company was then spun off in a management buyout in 2014 and remains successful in the market to this day. It has played a significant part in constructive market consolidation.