BitStone Capital

Bitstone Capital is an international venture capital investor and founder who invest in innovative digital real estate business models together with its partners from the real estate and construction industries.


Bitstone was initiated in October 2017 by the partners Kai Panitzki and Manfred Heid together with Art-Invest Real Estate and has been active as a venture capital investor and company builder since then.

As one of the pioneers in the industry, BitStone is one of the few investors in real estate technology in Germany who is due to many years of expertise able to identify attractive investment opportunities at an early stage and recognize technological changes.


BitStone considers itself as a bridge-builder between innovation and tradition. The participation in BitStone creates a bilateral exchange between the investors and the investment, from which everyone involved benefits. BitStone also offers market intelligence due to diverse partnerships from the areas of construction, banking, technology, retail and many more and unites strong experts.